Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A channel for curvier girls Ooh la la!


You know how I like to show channels of people I think should have more subscribers. In my opinion, Erika is a person on youtube who will be blossoming into a cool YT channel. Her personality stands out and she is a down to earth presenter. She doesn't seem awkward when she speaks. I actually feel like I am listening to an old friend speak :) If you like down to earth you tubers, who gear their style toward curvier girls (as she claims) check out her channel.

I was drawn into her video (posted below), where she does a haul on a website she recommends called Valentine Kisses. You can visit the link by clicking on those words or you can copy and paste the address below to your browser. I checked out the website and it does have some really good deals. Some examples are drug store brand lipsticks and glosses or eye shadows (Almay, Covergirl, L'Oreal) for $2 plus change!!! An awesome find :)

Here is Erika's video and here is the link to her channel

I haven't had much of a chance to check out the rest of her channel, or other videos, but I can tell you that this video made me want to see more of her reviews.

She has about 12 videos. Also, she claims that if she gets up to 100 subscribers, she will have a contest. She currently has 81 subscribers.

I am not asking you to subscribe. I am asking you to check out her channel. If you like it, then subscribe. If you don't, well thanks for checking her out.

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StuddedLilly said...

lovely blog! the header is totally adorable! :D


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