Friday, August 13, 2010

(CLOSED) My first little give away! $50 gift card

This contest is over. Thank you for participating.

Hey guys, I know the gifts are small, but I have a baby and a house to tend to, so money doesn't go too far nowwadays. But I wanted to give you all something. If all goes well, I will do more give aways!

I am giving away two $50 gift cards to someone and their friend.

All you have to do is comment here or on youtube (Video link here) as a comment or a video response, with your message on why you feel your friend deserves these gift cards. That's it.

I know people can cheat and pretend to have a friend only to win 2 cards, but I will be checking to make sure the cards will go to that person and their friend :)

So, go on and tell me why your friend deserves this card.

I will choose the winners by the give away end date; Friday, August 20th 2010 11 pm PST.

I will post a winner video by August 24th (If all goes well. I am currently dealing with a sick baby, so I hope it all goes as planned.)

On August 20th, after 11 pm PST, I will message the winner.
The winner must respond by August 21st 11 pm PST. If the winner does not reply, I will contact the runner up. The runner up must reply by August 22nd 11 pm PST. And so on...

Do not send your response as a message on you tube.

DO NOT post "enter me" in the comment's area. I need to know why your friend deserves this small gift.

You can post a comment here on my blog or on you tube.
You can post a video response.
You can post a video response with a picture slide show.
You can post a text video response.
Doesn't matter how long the video is.

Please note, I screen my comments, so you may not see it posted right away. Be patient <3

Your friend must be a person. No animal friends allowed :( Awwww LOL!

You must be a subscriber.

Your friend must be a subscriber.

You and your friend must have an email to receive the gift cards. I will be emailing them to you.

If you are under 18, you must have your parent's permission to participate.
(I may require your home address. But I will be corresponding with you via email and I need to have your parent's permission to do that.)

The gift cards can be from these 4 reputable fashion stores:



Charlotte Russe

Windsor Store

Give away is open internationally.
Be sure that the store you choose, ships to your location.

If you have a store that you prefer from your location, I MIGHT consider purchasing the prize from that store. As long as it is reputable, as long as they accept online gift certificate purchases and more importantly, if I can pay through pay pal. But that's a BIG maybe. I have to be safe gals. This is my personal info out there. You know?

Rules are subject to change: Be sure to check back for updates, as mistakes can be found in events such as this one. Follow me on twitter or Facebook just to make sure.




Hmmmm...I think that's it.

Thanks for participating!


Anonymous said...

hello is veva523 one of your youtube subbies..
i hope me and my cousin have the chance to win the 50 dollar gift card =) thank u so much

Anonymous said...

hello is veva523 one of your youtube subbies..
i hope me and my cousin have the chance to win the 50 dollar gift card =) thank u so much

miche48 said...

Hello iris...
i believe my friend and i deserve the gift cards because its almost back to school time. also, we have been looking for jobs for quite a time and we havent found any, we both help in housekeeping..and the tips that they give us..we give them to our moms because we are in need for food, etc..and both of us end up with nothing.we are both college students and this would be a huge life saver and blessing with at least something.this is such an amazing opportunity for us...we deserve to get something back in return. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

$50 are really good don't have to say 'i am sorry that it is JUST $50' because you don't have to do any giveaways ... so you are a really good person that is giving a giveaway to someone which you don't know soooo thumps up for this ^^

x3girlygirlx3 on youtube ^^
bye :]

iamjess03 said...

My sister who also follows you on youtube deserves a gift card because she works so hard at her job yet like all of us, have to send our whole paycheck to our bills. She just moved out on her own so now she has an added payment of rent and she hasn't gone shopping for clothes in over a year. It sucks to know that she has great style but can't buy anything to show that style.

YaddiLushesBoo said...

hello iris
this is YaddiBabee,
thank you so much for holding this contest for your lovely subbies
ok the person i think deserves this would be my brothers! i make my own money at times and i buy them clothes but them being boys they just ruin them rite away and lately my mom and dad haven't been working as much and i have to see my poor little brothers wearing shirts from last year or the years before. i would've picked my self for one of the gift cards but seriously i think my brothers need it more
thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity

Anonymous said...

i would choose my sister, who is always there for me & has the kindest heart immaginable, she loves to shop but recently was laid off so she doesn't have $$ to. But i would love for her to have this because she means so much to me & i really would like her to have something nice

Tiffany said...

hi! i would like to be considered for the giftcards because my husband returned home from a year long deployment to Afghanistan in April and i want to buy a dress to wear on a date out with him. we have been so busy lately that we dont get out much since he works full time and goes to school full time too. I'd like my friend considered too because she is a new Navy wife and moved across the country to a new state and doesnt know anyone very well yet. i think it would be a big moral boost for her. plus, we are HUGE fans. my husband is a rockabilly man and im always striving to be his real life pinup, but the clothing part is always the hardest part because it the most costly. anyway, thank you for chance and for all your super helpful tutorials!!

Tiffany said...

p.s. the end date of the giveaway- August 20th (1985), is my birthday, so i think that would be super cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. The person i think that really deserves the 50 dollar giftcard is my mother. She works hard everyday for us to be happy. She goes to work at 3 am and comes back at 9:00 pm. I want to give her the 50 dollars as a thank you for everything she did for me,my sister, and my brother. She saves every penny for us and if i win this 50 dollar giftcard. I want to give it to her to enjoy at least a percent of her life! :(



Anonymous said...

I just a left a comment but i forgot to mention that I see my mom as my bestfriend. I know it might not sound right but the way she works hard for me . I see her as the closest friend ever!

Anonymous said...

I think this giveaway is amazinggg(: If I won I would give it to my best friend, why? Because shes starting College in 2 weeks and she deserves something so she can know that I appreciate all that shes donr for me, a small token of gratitude you know? We've been friends for 5 years and she deserves it, she's been a strong young lady, &she deserves it more then anyone I know. Years ago she was part of a drunk driver accident that left her a scar on her face. She received money from it and has put it all into her college for her first semester which was 14,000. So now she might be doing loans next semester in order to pay. So she deserves this money because I'm sure she would appreciate the fact that she can spend some money on herself without having to worry about the fact that she can't spend as much money anymore. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity. (:

ohsowendyful said...

hello, this is ohsowendyful from youtube and this is my extra entry, ;)
my friend deserves this because it would help a LOT with her back to school shopping since she doesn't have a job.. well I don't either so it would help both of us!


Eva said...

hello, this is evieeez from youtube and here's my extra entry:
my friend deserves the gift certificate because school is starting soon and 50 dollars would really help us since we don't have jobs yet and sometimes asking our parents for lots of money isn't such a great idea. Haha.

thank you for this giveaway!

Iris said...

This contest is over. Thank your for participating.

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