Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My healthy hair (My secret)

Finally! I had a quiet and clean house with toddler free, nothing else to be obligated to do moment! I could finally film a video speaking to the camera, rather than having to do a voice over. Not sure if any of you noticed, but I was gone from youtube for a month, because of lack of time.

I am back and filmed this video. Also, filmed myself doing my hair before this video, so if you are interested in the tutorial for the curls/waves shown in this video, stay tuned! Are you interested?

Take care!

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Yaritza said...

You have beautiful hair! And I totally agree with you, people have to embrace their hair and work with it becuase most of the time it's not the products you use it's how you take care of it. Clearly, you take very good care of your hair. Genetics does play a role, but if you smoke drink soda and use expensive products, your hair will still look dull. The same applies for a "beauty" areas! I did notice you were gone and glad your back :) Take care!

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