Monday, August 13, 2012

I am on the Sephora Website!!!!

One of my videos was put on the Sephora website for a Hair-a-thon contest! I was so excited to see it there. I have been spamming my poor supporters for more votes to win,  and so far, I have received a lot! I am so happy.

To vote, just go this link HERE, click on the Facebook like button (bottom right of video on the Sephora website) and that's your vote for me. For some reason, those going to the site on a mobile device are not able to see the page, so go on a computer to vote.

I am still very behind and I wish that I could get more than the number of votes I have now.

In the end, I should just be thankful that I even made it to the site, right? I am :)

Thank you all for your support!

See my video on Sephora here

Below is the original You Tube video and not the video you vote on...

To vote you have to go to this link

What I do

I make hair tutorials on YouTube. But I created this blog to connect with my fellow writers/bloggers. I've also created a myspace account, but I don't like the format for blogging. I'd rather blog here. As far as something to note about me: I rarely have will power when it comes to dieting. I'd rather eat what I want, but in moderation. I like girly stuff, but I don't like doing my own hair. I rarely do my own hair, so if you saw me in the street, you'd probably not recognize me. But if you ever saw me, I would love it if you came to say hi. Thanks for reading my blogs.