Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you like it when....

I do "How I did my make up for a video" videos because, sometimes I get requests from viewers to show how I did it. I really never wanted to show how I do my make up because I don't think I am a make up guru :D I just like to do my make up once in a while. Actually, if I could get away with wearing no make up, I would rather that! :D

I know how important it is that I have a pleasing presence in my hair tutorial videos, so I make an effort to wear more make up than I would normally.

When I see those requests for make up tutorials, I am always surprised. But I aim to record how I did my make up, rather than to call it a make up tutorial. Do you see the difference?  :D :)

Anyway, here is a video on how I did my make up for a video. If you like these, let me know and I will continue to film them as I get ready to film a hair tutorial.

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What I do

I make hair tutorials on YouTube. But I created this blog to connect with my fellow writers/bloggers. I've also created a myspace account, but I don't like the format for blogging. I'd rather blog here. As far as something to note about me: I rarely have will power when it comes to dieting. I'd rather eat what I want, but in moderation. I like girly stuff, but I don't like doing my own hair. I rarely do my own hair, so if you saw me in the street, you'd probably not recognize me. But if you ever saw me, I would love it if you came to say hi. Thanks for reading my blogs.