Thursday, January 17, 2013

My favorite long hair gurus and their advice on obtaining long hair

When people ask me about how to get their hair to grow long, I can't help but to want to direct them to ALL of these videos. I truly believe in everything that they are sharing. I know the videos are long, but they will educate your mind and guide you toward your long hair journey. I am personally trying to grow my hair long and am hoping that I can achieve it by following all of this advice:

Dez, from the YouTube channel DeziredBeauty, is just one of those women who will forever be envied by the entire world, because she is so beautiful! I kind of feel bad for her for being so stunning and smart! Why do I feel bad for her? Because you know that people are mean to her for just existing hahaha! To add to that, she was blessed with amazing locks of hair. I admire her for not keeping her beauty secrets to herself. She shares them with the world on her beauty channel.  Here is her video on how to grow long hair.

The next videos are from bishonenrancher, not only is this woman so beautiful, but she is knowledgeable and speaks  intelligently. Sometimes the way she speaks makes me forget that I am watching youtube and instead I am watching some sort of documentary hahaha! I love how she puts detail into everything that she shows us. What I also enjoy about her channel is that she features her her corsets and even does occasional corset giveaways. I am obsessed with corsets and wish I could wear them every day. 

Here are her very informative videos on hair growth:

Next is torrinpaige. Torrin is like that awesome neighbor you wish you had. She is always so bubbly and chatty and she makes delicious treats which she occasionally features on her channel. You should also check out her unique, annual Christmas tree theme; you won't be disappointed. Of course, her channel is hair related, so she does offer tips on taking care of long hair. Here is her informative video:

I recently started to watch this channel beautyklove, and am still not familiar with her 100% but I know that English is not her first language and she lives in the Philippines. She seems very sweet and her tutorials are pretty! Recently, she has been posting a lot of fun "no-heat" hair tutorials. I am sure you will enjoy her channel if you subscribe. Here is her video on long hair.

Here is my video on my channel, ilovegerardo best advice to care for hair for the benefit of growth. 

And if you are a guy trying to grow long hair, check out Justin's channel:
Musique3579 Justin is a very kind man with a happy heart! Justin is musically talented and played music for my Rapunzel video!
Here is his video on how to grow long hair...

Let me know if this blog turned you to new YouTube Channels or if you are already subscribed to them!

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