Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things you can do to be a modern pin up wife

1) Wear your favorite shade of red lip stick, a flower in your hair and false lashes all day, as you run errands.

2) Wear cute shoes an apron and a cute outfit as you serve dinner to guests...try it ONCE LOL!

3) Wear your freshly washed hair, up like this:

As you work around the house all day, with the kids. Take your hair down right before hubby comes home. You'll have big sexy waves and it will smell so pretty too.

4) Bake an easy dessert and serve it after dinner.

5) Dress up in different outfits and ask your hubby or a good friend to take several pictures of you. Don't stop at 2 or 3 pictures. Try taking 50 pictures or more. You may find a few in that large bunch that you like.



Anonymous said...

Awwww, great ideas<3 Your just Cuteness!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

the rosie the riveter look..
i so love that one!

i just remembered samantha of bewitched all of a sudden!
she is a great housewife & host too

HiFashion said...

I love this post and the hairstyle! You are so beautiful Iris :) Come stop by my blog sometime xx Leia

Iris said...

Tiffany Nicole-Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

Thiamere-hee hee! It's cute to be feminine

HiFashion-I just checked out and followed your blog. Good job!

SoCalWendie said...

How do you get your hair to stay in such nice rolls? I feel like when I do mine, the rolls look too messy or don't hold so well as I'm trying to roll them up?
Great vid!

Anonymous said...

my my, you truly must be the perfect wife. I'm trying that out - I even bought a nice old fashioned frilly apron! :)

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