Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An update on the next look!!! Break the tie

Thanks for voting.

Apparently, there are several ties. So, if they are not broken in the comments on this or the other blog, I will be chosing the order I want to do them in. You have until Friday night to choose your favorite.

Here are the tied looks:
2:22 Side swept bangs up do
4:29 Pony tail with poof
4:10 Hair curled in with headband
1:54 Finger waved hair
5:23 Cha cha kind of hair with flower on side

Again, if there is no tie breaker, I will choose the order myself ;)


Musicalhouses said...

wow all these sound like great hair looks! as long as you eventually get around to doing all of them, i'm sure i'll be happy:P

-Megs- said...

all of them!! Like one hairstyle every two weeks! LOL I like the finger waves one. 1:53 i think is the time

Anonymous said...

Finger waves!!

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