Friday, February 12, 2010

Zoo animal inspired nail designs!!

So we are going to the zoo soon. I am really excited. I decided to do some zoo inspired nails. I almost recorded it but I figured, it's pretty simple.

I often get asked "How do you find time to do your nails so often???"

I always use this nail dryer to speed up the process. If you like to change your nail design or color often, this is such an awesome purchase. It saves you so much time!!!! (can be used on feet too) With this nail dryer, this ENTIRE design took me 15 minutes!!!! That's why you gals always see me with new designs so often ;)

Here's the link in case you can't see it up there.

So here is the design:

Written instructions below.
Pinky nail (Inspired by blue frog in the picture below): Blue polish base, let it dry, dot with white polish in center of nail, let it dry, dot orange over the white, let it dry, dot black in the middle of the orange to simulate eye. (optional: add green on the top and bottom of nail for reptile effect)

Ring finger nail (Tiger inspired) : Orange polish base, let it dry, one swipe of the white polish to create a stripe in the middle, let it dry, yellow polish swipe on each side of the white stripe, let it dry, add black stripes as pictured.

Middle nail (Cheetah inspired): Yellow base, let it dry, using a semi-brown polish and a tooth pick, draw semi-circles sporadically.

Index finger (aka pointer finger- Zebra inspired): White base, let it dry, black polish stripes

Thumb nail (Flamingo inspired): Pink base, white art nail polish stripes upward, resembling feathers.

Wow, this is a bright picture :)

I think these are pretty simple to do. Here are some tutorials that may inspire or help if you can't do these on your own. I wish I would have seen this giraffe tutorial before. It's so cute.

Have fun this weekend!

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