Friday, September 25, 2009

Dropping weight

I am trying to lose my baby weight. I don't consider myself lucky for being able to lose as much as I have. My baby is not even 1 year old yet and I have 6 lbs to go. I consider myself dedicated to my cause. My cause is to get as close to my weight before I got pregnant.

Here is a woman who has inspired me to do more workouts at home. I am totally in love with her channel. Although, her sexuality is definitely displayed in her videos (I think she does that for her male viewers) her athleticism does shine all the way through. Besides, with a body like hers, I think I too would be making videos like her! LOL

What I love the most about her channel is that almost all of her exercises can be done at home.

These exercise routines, plus some cardio and a good diet are a perfect combination for making the pounds drop.

My secret diet? Complex carbs in the morning. Fish or chicken and veggies + fruit for lunch , and chicken or fish + veggies and water for dinner. I do snack more than usual because I am nursing. But following the above diet, with small snacks: nuts, fruit etc, I have lost lots of weight before.

Anyway, I just subscribed to her channel and LOVE it!


GiGi said...

I started breathing heavy & got tired just watching. I have to try this! Tell us how you do.

HiFashion said...

Hi Iris!

Thanks for posting this. I need to lose some weight as well, because in my last year of university I spent most of my time at home studying (no exercise) and eating junk food. Really bad, I know! I think I messed up my metabolism as well by not eating regularly or enough.

Also, I spent a whole summer with my family and we were traveling and eating a lot, so that didn't help! But now I am back in London (as I mentioned to you on Twitter, I'm @leia12 ! :) ) and I'm going to eat healthily and exercise. I am planning on mostly walking and doing some bellydance, and maybe jogging a couple of times a week with a friend. I will definitely check out the video you posted! I'm vegetarian so my diet is going to include a lot of tofu and vegetables, and I have to remember not to skip meals (especially breakfast!)

Good luck losing the weight. I'm sure you'll be able to do it! :)

xx Leia

Deliciously said...

Hi Iris!

Can you please send me your email in reference to featuring one of your tutorials on


J. Dingle

Elissa said...

Girl, I am so with you on losing the baby weight. I love Zuzana! I discovered her workouts awhile back, and I recently found out she was on youtube. Her workouts are the best! Have fun!

Iris said...

She is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great cause! Good luck with it all.

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