Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween costumes

What do you plan to dress up as this year for Halloween?

Anyone doing a pin up doll as a costume?


supa.starrr said...

pin up sounds fun!
i want to be a pink lady =)

SoCalWendie said...

Well, not as a costume since I kinda dress that way all the time, BUT last year my sis asked if she could borrow some of my clothes and stuff so I let her. She called me the day after Halloween to let me know that dressed in my clothes she won the costume contest for being a pin up gal....hmph
This year I think I'm going as Red Riding Hood with a pin up twist and maybe a stuffed animal wolf with a butcher knife through it, sitting in my little basket, whatcha think?

Shayna Burns said...

Ahh, I'm trying to decide! It's hard... so many options but so hard to come up with something "right" that fits the budget, you know?

One year I wore gold everything and had a little shovel and was a "gold digger." Har har.

Pin-up sounds good! So many stores sell items with a 50s edge... shouldn't be too hard to get the look right.

I also have a coupon for BuyCostumes.com - 10% off when you spend $50. Hope you can use it! http://www.fabuloussavings.com/online/us/buycostumes/

Michelle said...

I was going to dress up as Donna Reed (so hard for me to pull off because I'm Japanese), but since I have a black dress and my hair has grown longer, I'm dressing up as Audrey Hepburn. Yes, I suppose I am pretty gutsy.

Pinup is awesome!

kajee said...

i like dolls that look kinda scary.. waha. corpse bride maybe? :P

nik v. said...

I was a Pink Lady last year!
Actually I watched one of your videos to do my hair!
I have NO earthly idea what to do this year, may have to rock the Pink Lady jacket again.
Pin up does sound fun though!

Spiritfingers1 said...

I would like to be Marilyn Monroe, but being a Latina I’m not sure many people would get who I’m supposed to be. :| I’ll figure something out. :)

Justin said...

I am going to dress up as Princess Leia Slave. Last week I got the costume from Costume Kingdom.

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