Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dollar tree HAUL!

Yay! I love shopping at the Dollar Tree! But I had NO idea they sell their stuff in bulk, online! Did you? This is awesome. Having a baby, it's hard for me to get out and shop in the real world. Babies don't like to be in a shopping environment and will make it so difficult for you to stop and stare at fun things. They always want to go home!

Everything is $1 - All Day Every Day! at

For the past few weeks, I have been going into this site and buying things in bulk, that I know we will need. It's just like shopping at the store, except I am in my pajamas at home, while I hold my "happy to be home" baby. :)

Here are some items I bought: If you want to see them, just click on the links I have provided for you. Made it easy for you to see them :)

1) Foldable Plastic Storage Boxes-I know I bought 48, but I am going to use them all. We have cabinets all over the house with stuff, stuffed in. I am going to use them to store pictures, small arts and crafts items, make up, baby items. I am also going to use some to put gifts in. And going to take some to the office for organization there. The cool thing is, you can insert a little card into the front slot to label in each box. Pretty awesome stuff here.

2) Window cleaner: With so many mirrors, windows, glass table tops, our car's windows and other glass stuff, we go through window cleaners like crazy. I am so glad I bought a bunch. I put some bottles in the garage, one in each bathroom and stored the rest away for another time! Can't beat window cleaner for $1.

3) Batteries: Eveready Super Heavy Duty AA Batteries, 4 ct. packs. Having kids means, you need batteries ALL of the time! Toys almost all require batteries. We have some toys that use our rechargeable batteries. But we don't have enough for ALL toys.

4) Reusable Shopping bags-I keep telling myself to buy a few of these. I see them at the checkout counter, but by the time, I am done shopping, this sounds silly, but I am done. I have bought 1 or 2 of these and I use them, but mostly I don't have enough. I usually come home with 10 or more bags full of groceries. These seem to be larger than the standard grocery bag, which means you can carry more at once. I plan to put 10-15 of these in each car, so that I always have them with me. Also, going to give some away to my dad and inlaws. They would never think to buy stuff like this.

The Dollar Tree also has Floral Supplies & Decor, Party Supplies, School and Office Supplies, Teacher Supplies, Arts and Crafts, Toys Games and Activities, Health and Personal Care items, Cleaning Storage and Hardware, Kitchen and Tableware, they also have a section on new arrivals and seasonal items, like for Valentine's day that is coming up :)


Stephanie Hartman said...

Oh that is awesome I NEVER knew that the Dollar Tree did that..

♥Stephanie H.

Nicole said...

OMG I CANT BELIEVE THIS! i love that i never knew...thanks!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much, i love it. Im so going to buy stuff in bulk from there!

Nicole said...

OMG I CANT BELIEVE THIS! i love that i never knew...thanks!

Yakitori said...

*le gasp* OMFG!!! Soooooo glad you shared this! Bulk shopping online at Dollar Tree! Amazing!

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