Friday, January 15, 2010

To Kandee Johnson

I first discovered Kandee's videos last year, like most of us did. She first intrigued me with her Marilyn Monroe pin up make up. I knew she was going to rise up high when she started doing her Halloween looks. She is truly talented.

I thought it was super cool when she mentioned me in one of her videos. I was like wow! How nice of her. Here is the video where she mentions my channel (ILoveGerardo):

One of her greatest talents, besides the obvious of hair and make up, is her ability to reach through your computer screen and steal your heart. She truly tries with everything she is, to make you have a great day. No matter what horrible things you've been through.

It's ironic that someone who spreads so much joy, would need us to return the favor.

I hope that every thing she is going through right now, gets taken care of and erased. I hate seeing people go through terrible things and then seeing them being judged.

We've all made mistakes in our lives. We've all been accused of something we didn't do. But the truth will set her free.

To Kandee: If you ever read this, there are a great bunch of us, who have never met you in person, but have grown fond of you through You Tube. Please keep your head up. This will pass.

Your happy and positive person has affected so many of us and because you exist, we smile.




Princess Jasmin said...

Iris I think you are such a sweetheart to take time to praise Kandee, both of you I suscribe to and look to for inspiration all the time. Thank you :)

Selin said...

so tru! Signing this ;)

Iris said...

Princess Jasmin and Selin-Thank you gals!

louise thomson said...

i just have to agree totally with princess jasmin, i too subscribe to both of you and also think you and kandee are sweethearts!

kandee johnson said...

Iris! Thank you so were one of the first people I watched on youtube, and I used your videos to help me to my "sad takes" on pin-up hair! You are truly an artist and so sweet! Thank you for sharing your love as a fellow youtube guru and amazing human being!

Anyone who want sot know more:

huge love Iris! your friend, Kandee

kandee johnson said...

Thank you Iris so much! You were one of the first people I watched on youtube! I tried to copy your hair vids for my first pin-up look! You are truly a master at what you do!
Huge love to you, my fellow youtube guru, and friend.....kandee

Lilith said...

Dear Iris,
she is really good doing her job: make up, but other things are not going well in her life, not she even does things to help herself. She used her funs with pay pall button and then went shopping. I use to like Kandee, but the more I watch her, the most I get upset and disappointed. She is charged with child neglect and she plead guilty. Why? She puts all those youtube videos about her leg almost cut off and then she tells the story about hospital and how they could not give her pain medications in hospital right away. Why? She is not as clean and nice as she clams. Of course, we all make mistakes, but we don't use others to get what we want, we don't lie keeping our self "clean and nice" while whole world is wrong. She had one day Glaminar in San Diego and she stayed in hotel much longer. Who took care of her 3 kids? Google and you will see what judge said to Kandee. I am mother and I am not judging her, just I feel sorry for all those who are looking up to her as she was a godess, and she is nothing more but cheater and lier, trying to get attention of every kind. I wonder if she is going to put paypall button now that she will need cosmetic surgery after she got hurt? Come on people! Wake up call! Do you see what she is doing lately? She is not at good place right now and I feel sorry for her and her kids! I wish she would go back to MAKE UP tutorials, that's the reason I signed up to her videos, not to watch her manipulations and lies.

Lilith said...

Dear Iris,
I feel sorry for all people who are not aware of what Kandee does to her funs. I was her fun, but after pay pall button and shopping with donated money, no thanks. She should get back to make up tutorials and take care of her kids, while building up her career.

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