Thursday, August 13, 2009


I trip out on how many different comments I get on my videos.

Some are SUPER nice! And I notice the same commentors coming back again and again. It's nice to see people who like to hear about or see what I have to show. I'm nobody, so when you are there listening to me, it means a lot!
Teaching people what I've learned is very entertaining for me. Thank you for your nice comments. I know most stuff I teach is NOT new, but not every one knows how to...

Others are mean spirited, but I can honestly sense a little bit of jealousy.
Let me explain: In my videos, I am being a teacher and showing (those who don't know how to do what I am doing) how to do different styles. I continue to get comments from girls telling me how ugly I am, how my hair style is ugly, my dress is ugly. I sit there reading the comments like that and ask: Really? Did you have to let me know that you think I am ugly? Did you realize this video is not about my looks?Did you realize this video is to teach people what I know, for free?

Of course, the same doesn't go for those of you who tell me I am pretty LMAO! *blushing*

Then, there are the really ignorant comments. People who don't watch the entire video and then make ignorant comments. Like in my 99 cent store haul. If you watch the end of the video, I mention that YES everything at the 99 cent store is cheap. But I still got a bunch of comments from girls saying that the 99 cent store was beneath them! LOL Ay ay ay!

OK seriously, how do you deal with rude/ignorant/mean comments (in person, online, on your videos etc) ?


HiFashion said...

Darling, ignore them. You are beautiful and talented, and anyone telling you otherwise is just jealous!

xx Leia

It's Called Maintenance said...

I know what you mean about the jealousy. What I will never understand yet it is almost always the case, the people who leace the rude and nasty comments never have a bio or YT page with any pictures or videos. They are hiding behind a screen trying to make themselves feel better by putting others down, and from my experience the ones who do that are trying to make up for the bullying they have received and they are saying what people have said to them.

I deal with rude/stupid comments in a variety of ways. I either just delet them and block the person because they are not worth my time or sometimes I respond in an equally bitchy way. I know 2 wrongs don't make a right but its MY channel and video so I can comment however I want right. Plus I'm like that in person too. I get constant stupid comments on how long my nails are and its just stupid. In the end regardless of how I deal with them I ignore them. I know who and what I am and if people don't like it they don't have to watch. And like you said I'm taking time to show them something if they are too rude and ignorant to learn (we always learn something from people) then they need more help than I can provide.
Keep doing what you're doing, your vids are great and you know you aren't ugly, you have to know. :)

Sorry for the LONG comment

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

* you are -VERY- pretty
* The .99 cent store is awesome
* Ignore haters, THEY ARE JEALOUS!!!!!! I am too, ~ i like your blog & Vid's so i encourage support and thank you to keep doing them.....

jewlover2 said...

I haven't gotten any yet but I am holding my breath because I know I'm gonna. You have SO MANY subscribers and you get SO MANY views on your vids that I guess it's bound to happen. I did have one girl tell me on a Contest Entry video I did recently that I needed to stop being selfish and let somebody who has no money win (the prize was brushes). I think it's funny that I'm somehow putting off the vibe that I'm rich?? Hey, I get W.I.C! LOL

Oh, and I DID have a guy make a disgusting perverted comment on my channel profile page one time. I deleted it and blocked him. So, yeah. I guess it's bound to happen.

I think you handle everything you do w/ grace and poise, Iris.

Iris said...

HiFashion-Thank you. I agree.

Maintenance-I don't mind long comments AT ALL. I love them. What is your channel?

Deez-Thank you so much!

Jewlover2-Oh no! I hate that! People we upset when I won that contest too. I know what you mean. Ugh so sad

kuuipo1207 said...

I remember when I first started doing videos and I got my first mean comment. It was a rather big shock to me. I still even remember what it said. I let it get to me for about a day or two and didn't quite know what to think or do. When I checked back a couple of days, about 3 people had commented back to that person, giving them a piece of their mind. lol. Seeing the support that I had from the subs reminded me that for every 1 rude comment, there's 5 great meaningful comments behind it.

I'd like to say that I let the rude comments roll off my back. But sometimes, they get to me. It's either something that strikes too close to the heart that I can't ignore it, or the comment is left at the wrong time of the month (I hate it when that happens!) Sometimes I bitch right back at the person, call them out on their own insecurities, or simply call them a coward since it's easy to bash someone when it's not to their face.

Bottom line though, no matter how much that comment hurt me at that moment, as long as I'm happy with myself when I go to bed at night, then that's all that matters. :)

kuuipo1207 said...

I didn't know if I had reached my character limit in my previous comment, so I'm continuing here, too. lol.

Anyhoo, Iris, you are an extremely beautiful woman, both on the inside and out. I don't know you except through youtube, but you exude so much goodness and sweetness in your videos, it'd be impossible to not see that you're a good person on the inside. Don't let the haters get to you. They can't enjoy or appreciate something they don't understand or something they can't do/have/be. Know who you are in your heart and live by it. :)

Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours and styling that GORGEOUS hair for us!! ;D

Michelle said...

You said it, lady. Those skanks and jerks are jealous of you. How pathetic are their lives when all they have to do all day is troll around YouTube and spread rudeness all over the place?! Yikes! But I really can see your point. It would be hard for it to not get under your skin (I won't lie--it's one of the reasons I haven't gotten around to posting a video yet). I agree with the advice to delete those rude comments. You are fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, ya hear! ;)

Jenelle said...

I don't know why people say mean things..."If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." All you can do is ignore them and keep in mind how many people you inspire!

kajee said...

ignore them. :)

you're beautiful and amazingly talented. i wish i had hair like yours. :)

i miss my long curly hair. i had it straightened and shortened 3 months ago and now i want it back. hahahaha.

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