Friday, August 14, 2009

Selena Quintanilla Fan

Ok seriously, I love Selena. I am not a major fan, like those people who post videos of her or are members of her fan sites. I love to watch videos of her on YouTube though. I remember growing up in East LA and walking to a place called Ritmo Latino (a music store on Whittier Blvd) I would stand there and listen to Selena's album "Amor Prohibido"

I couldn't afford to buy it, so I sat there and listened to it on their headphones.
I loved her voice!

While I was in high school, I remember a lot of people telling me that I really resembled Selena. This made me so happy, because I thought she was so pretty and back in the day, my self esteem was way low.

When I was about to graduate from high school, is when the tragedy happened and Selena was killed. She became SUPER popular after that. People who never knew of her, were crowded by the news reports about her death.

After her death, I was told that there would be a movie production about her life. They were reporting auditions for the part of Selena. Do any of you remember that? So many friends and family asked me to go. But my parents, being the Christians that they are, didn't think that I should EVER do anything that required me to perform for the world.

Side story: I remember telling my mom, I wanted to be a news caster when I grew up. She told me that, it was a good career, but that as a "negative" I would be spending most of my money on clothes. God rest my mom's soul, she was only trying to be helpful. Ultimately, I decided not to pursue that career because one of my friends from school had a brother who became a famous news caster for a Spanish channel. He was NEVER home. Always busy working. I didn't want that lifestyle.

Now, that I am in my 30s, I am much more secure in myself. When people tell me I look like Selena, in person, I usually do a little dance for them and say "bidi bidi bom bom!" It cracks people up. During family reunions, I will impersonate her and do Selena Karaoke (By the way, in NO WAY can I sing like her. It's just karaoke.) It makes people clap, smile and be happy.

It's videos like this one, that make me have fun by playing Selena.

But then I see videos like this one;
And I realize, it's not funny.

I am torn between celebrating one of my favorite artists by impersonating her. And understanding she is being mourned by the ones she loved.

Anyway, I wanted to write this blog because I get a lot of comments from people asking me if I know that I look like her.

I've wanted to do a Selena look on my channel to dedicate to her...
I did a Marilyn Monroe look, but for some reason, it doesn't hurt as much to consider one for Selena. Maybe her death has really impacted me because it happened in my lifetime.

Perhaps, you will see a Selena look in my channel. She had a lot of cool hair styles, although most of them are 90s looks :)


nik v. said...

awesome post! I too am a huge fan, and yes, you do look like her, how cool of you to share your love with your fans! thanks for all your videos & posts, you rock!!

Iris said...

nik v. Thanks! :)

Mama Jen said...

I'm from and live in Corpus Christ, Texas...when i was younger i remember friends playing her music.

DarlingV said...

I think you should totally do a look, it's not so much impersonating her but your way of expressing how strongly you fell about her.

artexana said...

Hi Iris!!!I am from san antonio and saw selena play several times...she was greatly loved her second home. i have been a long time fan of hers...i even sang her songs in our high school talent shows (yes, bidi bidi bom bom!) i have always thought you resembled her too =) i don't think it is wrong or offensive to pay tribute to her by making a video of her look, she certainly had a style of her would be more of an honor in my opinion. it's good to hear that so many people still love her...she was a great role model for young women.

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