Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorite era?

What would you say is your favorite era?







And why?

My favorite era is the 1950s. Because I just love rock n roll and dance from the 50s. I would have so been dancing every weekend :D

What about you?


SoCalWendie said...

Thats a hard one, I would say the 50's but everyone around me says I should have lived in the 40's
I love the whole Rosie, post war america 1940's but the 50's are well, the 50's and I don't drive a '54 Bel Aire for nothing

Anonymous said...

I'm ADD in general so why would this be any

I loves the 20's, 30's. 50's & a little Hippie thrown in for good measure!

minnie said...

Mine would have to be the very feminine...yet, there's something so empowering about women during that time that I like as well...hmmm, maybe the fact that women were doing all the "man jobs" while the guys were at it!

Bettie Booh said...

Oh, thr 40's and 50's, definitely. They knew how to use their femininity in hair, makeup and clothes, unlike today.

s. said...

forties and fifties FOR SURE! I just love the makeup, the fashion... I love that a lady was supposed to be a LADY, always looking put together when she went out, no matter where it was!

Iris said...

My favorite era is the 50s for the hair, the 20s-30s for the jewelry, the 70s for the outfits, the 60s for the eye make up, 80s for the funky styles and music!

jewlover2 said...

I love the fourties. I am a huge fan of Ginger Rogers, circa 1940's.

Mamita said...

30-40's for me... love it

Carleen said...

I would have to say the 50s. I love the clothes, music, & cars. I especailly love the ladies from the 50's. They were classy and always put together. Love my greasers.

Drisana said...

I adore the 40's, however some of the 20s hair styles are absolutely my dream hair (:

PreciousBebe said...

I would have lovedd to
live in the '40s !
Thats my Absolute dream era:))

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the 50's!! love the music, clothes, cars!! i love it all!

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