Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Videos without music

Some days I just want to record a video and just upload it, without editing too much. This way, I get more videos up at a time. How much does music matter to you in a video?

Does it make you not watch as long?
Does it bother you?


HiFashion said...

Hi Iris!

Even though I love the music that you add to your videos, I would actually prefer it if you uploaded videos without music! It doesn't bother me or make me stop watching, but it can be distracting :) and sometimes it is hard to hear your voice!

xx Leia

Iris said...

I agree. I am distracted by the music and I find myself fast forwarding.

Lorla said...

I'm not sure that the music matters so much. Your voice is calming and not abrasive so it doesn't matter really. The music is neither here nor there as I'm more interested in the advice and tutorials you share

SoCalWendie said...

Hey Iris,
Without music is fine, it helps to hear you better and usually when I'm playing with my hair, I'm playing my own music anyway and watching you.

s. said...

Hey there Iris! I also love your choice in music. Sometimes I find it hard to hear what the person is saying in the clip if there's music on, or I find it distracting for the tutorial. I do love however, that they put music in the beginning and end when they show the looks and introduce them, etc. Sometimes videos with music in the background do make me stop watching though!

Jenelle said...

Although I do love your choice of music, it doesn't matter to me if you add it or not. I watch your videos for the tutorials, so music or no music, I get the info and ideas I need.

The One and Only Elfwench said...

I have to agree with everyone else. The music is nice but not really necessary. And it really can make it hard to hear you sometimes. Either way, I love your videos. I'm a stylist and yet I still learn from your videos. It isn't often I get to be creative with my clients so I really enjoy seeing new ideas.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi Iris honey, personally, while sometimes I do enjoy a well selected, not too distracting piece of background music, in general I don't feel it's necessary in the least!

As others have said here, it can even be a bit distracting, especially if someone shots a vid that they speed up and then play regular speed music with. I find something about this pairing really hard to focus on.

You have such a lovely voice, I think it's great on it's own. But definitely use music if you want to, I've always enjoyed the songs you've paired with your (awesome!) clips.

Big hugs & happy Sunday wishes,
♥ Jessica

Andee Layne said...

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Spiritfingers1 said...

I personally love the content of your videos and the music is just a bonus. So, if you don't or do put music in your videos, it's really not that big of a deal. :)

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