Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall hair!

Are any of you planning on doing anything drastic with your hair this fall season?
I dyed my hair blue black for my snow white costume.
But now I am thinking I want to get my hair cut medium long.
What are the trends? What are you going to do to your hair this fall?


jenpiasecka said...

Hey Iris! I love that hairstyle in those photos.. I was wondering if you'd ever make a tutorial on how to achieve the look? It really is gorgeous and classic and I wish I knew how to do it haha. Christian Dior's recent spring/summer 2010 collection has the same look as well (

Elissa said...

I have no idea what the fall trends are. But for me personally whenver I try to do a hairstyle that isn't natural, it backfires on me, lol. I'm all about natural with a little bit of funk. So I'm just gonna keep doing me, nevermind the season. How are you and your newborn doing?

Iris said...

jenpiasecka I have a video dedicated to this look. It's called Shakira Illegal.

Elissa-Oh I see. I just want something different, so I was trying to see what everyone else was gonna do.

We're doing great! :)

s. said...

I have curly hair and was thinking of being Cleopatra for halloween.. Which would mean trimming my fringe above my eyebrows and straightening it!
I LOVED your snow white video by the way. I always wanted to be like her when I was young cause she had black hair and white skin like me! You look SO adorable!

lidiam84 said...

I'm trying to leave my hair grow... I had my hair long but it got damaged in the process so now I'm fixing it.... I did a tutorial on a look just like the one in ur pic... I love the wine colors and red bright lips!!

jewlover2 said...

I awarded you the lovely blog award...see my beauty blog for details. :)

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