Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your you tube channel-I want to subscribe

To all, you tube video producers ;) tell me a little bit about your you tube channel.
I want to subscribe to you.

What is your channel about?
How many videos do you currently have on your channel?
On average, how many minutes are your videos?
How often do you upload a NEW video?
What makes you different from other you tube channels, with the same type of topic?
How is the quality of your video? (Can I hear you well? Is the lighting good? Is it focused?)

Anything else you can do to entice me to come check out your you tube channel?

Remember to post the link to your channel. OR give me your channel name. Make sure it's spelled correctly :)



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jewlover2 said...

Hello Iris. You already know about my channel...I honestly don't know if you have subscribed or not. :) But I will answer your questions for the purpose of your other viewers who might be reading these comments.

1. My channel is devoted to Vintage fashion and beauty. It also revels in the culture of the time that I love, the 1940's and 1950's. And I also dabble a bit in the edgier side of things...Psychobilly Punk etc.

2.I am closing in on 100 videos.

3. My videos are always under 10 minutes because I am not a partner.

4. I produce about 2 videos a week.

5. My videos are different because really, there aren't that many girls doing retro styling on youtube on a regular basis. I also use authentic techniques, which not many people do, and I provide background music from the era that seems to be a big hit with my viewers! Plus, my hair is fine and of medium length.

6. My quality is good, not great, and the sound is usually decent. My lighting is struggling but I get very few complaints.

I wouldnt try to entice you to come over, Iris, but I'd love to see you there and get your feedback. *mwah*


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