Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pole dancing?

I am constantly looking for new ways to work out and have fun.

My friend insists that pole dancing is the next best thing for losing weight. Seriously? It sounds so sleazy...

Where do I get a pole anyway?

I've been looking online and they are SUPER expensive. I'm talking $200-$300.

Then I find this one on line.

If the link doesn't take you there, search for the "hot pink dance pole kit" in this website. It's pretty cool.

The Dance Pole goes up fast and can be easily taken down. Pretty good price too, compared to the other expensive ones I've seen. Am I gonna try it? Maybe!

Check out these awesome videos on how to exercise on a pole :)


Samelevennn said...

I worked there for almost a year and we had some really good quality ones. Some were generic brand but we had Carmen Electra ones that were our best sellers.

supa.starrr said...

Pole dancing looks like fun. You could also try belly dancing. That DEFINITELY works/tones you out.

minnie said...

hmmm...personally, i don't think i would do that as a way to lose weight...at least not in the presence of a 10 year old son and a 15 year old daughter...theres's got to be other alternatives..but, if you try it, let us know if it works for you, girly!

Elissa said...

if you can do that pole dancing, then you got one lucky husband, lol.when i get more fit i would totally do that. i love feeling sexy! and feeling sexy while busting a sweat, im down. i do have some concerns about damaging the goods. i am always injuring myself, lol.

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