Friday, October 30, 2009

I was pregnant in these videos

I was pregnant almost all of 2008.

This was my first pregnant video. I was about 2 months along here. I had NO idea what my body was in for in the coming months! I was still small and actually wore a bikini to the beach, when we went to Miami.

I think in most videos, though I was glowing. Around this time, I was planning on being an eyeball for Halloween, using my big round stomach as the iris of an eye. But I was too lazy to put it together. I didn't dress up after all for Halloween. Bummer.

This was my worst looking video. I was soooo tired. And I was a little anemic.
I actually got several comments from people asking me if I was ok and to take care of myself.

In this one, I was just a few days away from giving birth. It was my last pregnant video. I can tell you that I was HUGE and wasn't sleeping well. I know this was filmed early in the morning. My husband was still asleep. I got up, went for a walk with Zero, the dog, took a shower, got ready and it was still like 7 am, when I was filming.

If you are curious want to look for more of my pregnant videos, go to the Spring through Winter 2008 videos. You will see my preggo face in all of those :)


HiFashion said...

I can tell that you put on a bit of weight, but you still look so pretty in all of them! :)

xx Leia

Anonymous said...

OMG Iris!!! I just realized by watching your favorite lip products video you were the winner in Amy's contest!!! I loved her videos sooo much and I really really miss her....I still remember watching the video Amy was announcing the winners, and it's so weird cuz around that same time, I found you!!! =) It was during October of last year cuz I remember wanting to be a pin-up so I looked for pin-up hairtyles and there you were!!! =) The world is sooo small lol, especially youtube's

Elissa said...

girl you did your thang when you pregnant. i had no freaking idea. when you first mentioned you had a baby i was in shock. lol i used to ask you how you stayed in shape. i was nursing too, it shrunk my stomach fast, but i ended up putting on weight because i always felt hungry!!!! i am getting so close to finally losing my weight, i still got 40 pounds to go, but i am more confident than ever. have you lost your 6 lbs yet?

Iris said...

I haven't lost the weight yet. It's happening slowly but surely. I have about 4 lbs to go! AHHH!

kempkat79 said...

Believe it or not I never guessed you were pregnant. I was pregnant almost the same time you were and would watch your video's on hair while I was on bed rest(which was 7 months out of the 9 months I was prego) You looked so great.

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