Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diet secrets

OK the toughest part for me, when it comes to maintaining my weight is dieting. I just love food. Here are some of the foods, I have trouble saying no to.

Cookies and cookie dough

Chocolate anything




Right now, I am about 10 lbs over my usual weight of 127lbs. I am 5'6" and I now weigh about 137 lbs. I am trying to lose the weight, but am struggling.

My diet secrets include, keeping lots of sugar free gum handy, eating a lollipop when everyone else is having cake for dessert. See's lollipops are really good. Drinking a tall glass of milk when I just can't take it anymore and need junk food. Drinking water.

Do you have any to share?


HiFashion said...

Hi Iris! I'm trying to lose weight at the moment, too. I'm 5'4.5" and I weigh 57 kgs, when I am normally 52-54. I've been trying to go jogging on the treadmill every morning, which has been going well except for today when my legs felt like jello! lol!

By the way, I love your hair tutorials and I embedded one of them on my blog today :)

xx Leia

Sara said...

Not eating any carbs for dinner; I don't know about your eating habits but I have a what you would call dinner for lunch and just a snack for dinner.

Sara said...

Oh and I don't drink soda, it REALLY helps

Katie said...

I find that having a day where you're allowed to eat anything you want is really good for morale. It won't do that much damage in the long run - I mean, there's only so much you can eat in a day, right? lol

Also, I buy sparkling mineral water, or soda water. It really gets rid of the Coca Cola cravings :)

Stefanie said...

I like to cook a nice tea whenever I am craving chocolate, keeps you busy for a couple of minutes and then you can drink a wonderful hot tea. But the most important for me is exercising. Love your blog!

jewlover2 said...

Keeping a food diary works for me...and LOTS of water. I've slacked off on my water drinking lately and I can really tell in my waistline. Incidentally, I am five six and about 130 pounds currently, my chronic weight now that I've had three youngns. I don't mind the weight but I do need to trim up...I try to work out reguarly in the mornings.

Amanda "Fireball" Awesome said...

Oh Iris, this blog made me laugh. You are just too cute.

I'm 5'4 and I was a whopping (drum roll please) 225 pounds. Now, I'll speak plainly....I was a whale. Seriously, I looked as if I was smuggling rolls out of a pastry shop.

Nothing was wrong with me, I just let it get out of control.

I'm now at 180 pounds. For me that's way smaller and I've lost my double chin, which makes me very happy. I still have a lot more weight to lose, but I feel like if I can do this, anyone can.

Here is what I did:
I consulted my doctor. He did a body fat calibration and told me where he would like me to be. He also advised of how many calories to consume in a day and how many to burn to achieve a safe amount of weight loss. He also encouraged me to use both cardio and resistance in my exercise regiment.

So, I eat anywhere from 1200 to 1000 calories a day and burn between 300-700 a day.

I am a firm believer in consulting a doctor before you begin any type of weight loss plan. The doctor can personalize the diet to your body type and debunk any fad diet schemes you may have heard of. Also, he/she will be able to make sure the weight loss is safe!
I've seen too many girls go down the eating disorder path.

My weakness foods include:
Anything sweet! I'm a sucker for candies, cookies, cakes, pastrys, and chocolate.
Oh! and beer. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Iris,
I know what you mean, cravings are difficult to control but you can always find alternatives. For ice cream cravings I eat soy ice cream. It tastes almost like the real thing but has less fat. For pizzas I make my own and control my ingredients so I know exactly what goes in my pizza. Also eating low fat soups instead of a meal can cut back calories and provide extra hydration for the body. Don't forget to drink loads of water, and try not to eat after 8 pm. You can do it girl!
p.s. the pizza recipe is:
3 cups of whole grain flour
1 cup of warm water
1 envelope of dry active yeast, not quick rising yeast
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of whole cane sugar
pinch of salt
tomato sauce
Combine the sugar, yeast, and warm water and let sit in a bowl for ten minutes, the yeast should "rise" and create a foam on the surface. Once that is done combine with flour, salt, and olive oil. Mix very well until you have created a dough, then knead into a ball and let it sit in a dry cool place anywhere from 10 min(if impatient) to an hour, the longer the dough sits the softer the bread will be. Preheat the oven to 450 F, top the pizza and let the oven work its magic. This is my favorite recipe and costs so much less than delivery/takeout pizza. Hope this helps. Love your vids, thanx for being a source of help and inspiration!

s. said...

Hey Iris! I'm trying to lose weight too :( It's been super difficult for me as I am a university student and find it difficult to fit working out into my study time, or the feeling of guilt from not working stops me from it. I find it's so hard to stay away from things like that too...
A lot of people say if you give yourself one day a week to eat whatever you want, they can usually still lose weight as long as they stick to their plan for the other 6 days in a week. I have yet to try it, but remember there's someone else with you! :)

Anonymous said...

God the picture of the chocolates made my mouth water...

I'm currently working on my weight too working out five days a week so now and again I go 'off the rails' and indulge a bit.

Diet secrets just as yours - 2 litres of water a day, green tea, switching to wholegrain foods (rice, bread etc) and no complex carbs after 6PM i.e. big salad or maybe chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. Works very well to lower calorie intake in the evenings as your metabolism is slower.

Oh and eating 5 small meals throughout the day has worked wonders as well!!


JennyluvsChavo said...

Hi Iris! It's Jenny from Jenny's Vintage. Just joined your blog...yay! My diet consists of...
*Wheat everything(tortillas, bread, noodles)
*Pan pizza instead of the regular pizza for the sake of too many carbs.
*Green tea for digestion.
*Provolone or swiss cheese(heard they where less fatening)
*turkey sandwiches
*Soy milk
*substituting mustard for mayo
..and thats about it. I currently weigh 140 and I am 5'5. I want to loose 10 pounds.

What I do

I make hair tutorials on YouTube. But I created this blog to connect with my fellow writers/bloggers. I've also created a myspace account, but I don't like the format for blogging. I'd rather blog here. As far as something to note about me: I rarely have will power when it comes to dieting. I'd rather eat what I want, but in moderation. I like girly stuff, but I don't like doing my own hair. I rarely do my own hair, so if you saw me in the street, you'd probably not recognize me. But if you ever saw me, I would love it if you came to say hi. Thanks for reading my blogs.