Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pin up doll basics

What do you need to have a basic pin up doll look?

I would say:

1) False eye lashes

2) Red lipstick and lip liner

3) Clothing basics: Denim pedal pushers, plaid top, cherry print top, A-line skirt

4) Shoes: Wedges, or pumps

Align Center

5) Hair accessories: bobby pins, flower hair clips, bandanas

6) Hair tools: Curling iron, flat iron

7) A good pin up hair tutorial :)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i tried coming up with a pin up look for a blog contest before but i wasn't able to do my post on time...too bad

i even did your rosie the riveter're amazing!i so love that vid!

actually of all the up do that i have done, that is my favorite of all!

Bettie Booh said...

Great tutorial. Really need to get me some lashes.. =)

jewlover2 said...

Excellent post! I agree wholeheartedly! :-)

Love your channel and am anxious for more blog entries.

BaldyLocks said...

I love watching your hair tutorials. I just wish I had hair anything like your!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo HAPPY that you have a blog.
I'm not on myspace anymore soooo.....Yay!

Your so right, your beyond beautiful and I can't wait to read through all your yummy past postings <3 the green pumps...fierce!

Iris said...

~tHiAmErE~ I love that Rosie one. It's so simple. AND you can wear it while running errands! So cute!

Bettie Booth-Thank you!

Jewlover2-Thank you so much. I think I saw you at hubby's blog before too :)

♥Tiffany Nicole♥-Oh! You like them??Glad you do. I get mixed reactions about them :)

jewlover2 said...

I love his blog! Very thought provoking. I also post on Now ON Video. I'm a busy gal. :)

Amanda "Fireball" Awesome said...

This was a reminder that I need to finish my dress. :)

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