Friday, May 29, 2009

I <3 ASL

Lately, I've been so interested in ASL.
Why? Well, my husband took a class in college and he knows a few signs here and there. It's been very convenient to talk to each other from a far distance.

On Memorial Day, we were at Frank Bonelli park in San Dimas, CA. If you've ever been there you know it's a huge park. I was running around, away from the family, with our dog, when hubby started calling our dog to go to him, from a far distance (about 300 feet away.)

Our dog wouldn't go to hubby, which is not typical of our obedient dog. I could clearly see it was because the dog had to poop and was looking for a place to go. So I turned over to my husband and signed the word "poop."
It was funny but very useful :)

I know this is random, but here's a channel I've subscribed to and have been enjoying for the purpose of learning more signs:

I know there are tons of channels that show ASL, but I really like this person's method of interpreting song. I enjoy his facial expressions and I find myself LEARNING instead of just staring. You may have seen his video featured on my page. I look forward to learning more signs and using them in every day life.



SoCalWendie said...

I love ASL too! My pal is a Sign Language interperter. My favorite signs are the ones for "bathroom" "beautiful" "thank you" and for some reason, I think the sign for Llama is hilarious!

jewlover2 said...

Using sign language to speak from afar! Great idea...:)

Hey Iris, can you tell me what this translates into?

Somebody left that as a comment on my channel...I don't read spanish. :)

Iris said...

SoCalWendie -I've never seen the sign. Now I am going to look for it.

jewlover2- :D
Este tambien me encanto= I also love this.

Este (this)
Tambien (also)
me (I)
encanto (love)

May I recommend You can translate sentences and it's translation is pretty accurate with the grammatical order.

jewlover2 said...

Thanks Iris. I tried the google translator but it didnt work and I kept getting something like 'this I enchant' when I tried translating by individual words. I'll bookmark that site though. Thanks again...

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