Thursday, May 28, 2009

"What in the world is your nationality?"

My parents are both Mexican. Dad is from Nayarit. Mom is from Ensenada.

My mom, however; was adopted. Her biological parents were possibly Indian (mom) and French (dad) It was said to her that her father had blond hair and blue eyes and that her mother was dark skinned.

I was born in East Los Angeles, CA and I consider myself a Mexican-American. My first language was Spanish. I didn't speak English until some time within my kindergarten year. I remember being in class my first day and not understanding the teacher. That didn't cause any problems for me, though, I was a good student :)

This picture was taken in 2001. My parents and I at La Fonda in Los Angeles.

I have been asked if I am:
-Japanese mix
-Puerto Rican
-Native American

But nope.

So there. Hope that answers that question.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

its nice to know things about you.
good thing the language barrier did not stop you when you were a kid.

im a filipina
3/4 filipina, 1/4 chinese


BabyJanny said...

im somehow intrigued by multinational people, lol. there's just something about looking like ur not what u are, its fun to play with people's minds, lol!!

ppl have also asked me if im arab, turkish, south american, but nopeeeeee.. just indian, lol!

SoCalWendie said...

LOL! I get the same thing! I'm Mexican American, but my mother was French and Spanish(her dad) who grew up in Mexico (her mom), and my fathers Dad was from France, who stayed in Mexico and married a national. Everyone asks me, are you:
Italian <-- thats the one I get the most
When I say Mexican American people say "really?" or "No, seriously." or "I would have never guessed that" and my personal favorite "You are the palest Mexican I've ever seen" like all Mexican people are supposed to look like the It's A Small World puppets in Disneyland.

jewlover2 said...

Nice post! I like.

Doc9217 said...


HektikLyfe said...

I get the Arab question now and again. A lot of people though start talking to me right away in Spanish so I guess I have that kind of face though I don't see it myself.

That usually makes me ask the question, What is Nationality really and what is its significance in this day and age?

Amanda "Fireball" Awesome said...

I'm Greek. That's right...full on ouzo drinking, plate throwing, baklava eating Greek.

However, I don't look like your typical Greek. I'm very fair skinned (my dad says I'm white as rice), where as my mum and pop are very tan.

I couldn't imagine being anything else other than Greek. I love Greek customs, food, and tradition.

Plus, I think ouzo makes up for 50% of the liquid in my bloodstream.


rockabettieelsa83 said...

It's funny how people base certain features to acertain what nationality a person is. I'm Mexican-American and both my parents are Mexican, but I came out with blonde hair and blues. I have Spanish, French, and I think native Mexican indian blood too because there are some people in my family that have a dark complexion. Anywho it's fun to mess around with people's minds and keep them guessing. I know I do! ;)

Vintage Mama said...

I get asked the same question often as well! Persian? Greek? Spanish? Nope, mom is mexican, daddy from el salvador.

Anonymous said...

When people ask my nationality, I reply "American". Why? Because nationality and citizenship are the same. I am American because I was born in the U.S.

My cultural background is Filipino. Hubby is Mexican. Whenever we go to the Asian store nearby (which is owned by Koreans, and staffed by Filipinas and Central Americans), the Filipina cashiers always talk to my husband in Tagalog because they think HE is Filipino, and they ignore me because they think I'm Chinese, lol.

Minona said...

Yey! I'm Mexican (: haha but 100%
I've also got the are you italian? question ... I don't even know how italians are supposed to look like o_o'
You have beautiful hair! ^^ and looks healthy ;)

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